The Future of Work, Learning and Leading

There has been a lot in the news over the last couple of years about the future of work and much of it talks about things that are quite far field in terms of AI in machine learning and automation and all the jobs that we are going to lose, but at the same time so much of that is already taking place today.

As work changes many of us are feeling the overload of apps as well as trying to figure out how to work with more and more diverse types of people in new and different ways. And as work is changing, learning is changing. We’re shifting more and more from acquired knowledge to applied knowledge moving away from long expensive forms of education into, kind of, the “minimum viable type” of learning intervention to get people from learning to doing as fast as possible. And then, of course, is all of that changes leadership is changing as well shifting from a focus on long-term plans and mandates and into a world of where leaders have to focus on how to help activate the best in others and create the conditions for everyone to thrive.


Panel discussion Moderator: Sara Kalick – The Possibilitarians, Founder

Jonathan Finkelstein
– Credly Founder & CEO
Julien Lesaicherre
– EMEA Director, Workplace by Facebook
Emily Elwes
– Flylancer, Founder
Dori Gurwitz
– PwC, MD, WorkForce of the Future, Innovation and Digital WorkForce Transformation Leader
Amritesh Chaudhuri
– RingCentral, SVP, Product & Solutions Marketing