Augere Presentation

We have accompanied leaders aspiring to create organisations to which people wish to belong and in which they wish to remain since 2001. We line up people’s talent and contribution with each company’s strategy, integrating solutions for our customers through coaching, leadership and consultancy services. We offer value results: we inspire the growth of individuals, teams, organisations and communities.

We are a team of over 200 internationally certified, widely experienced leaders and experts. We have an open, global vocation and are aligned in language and methodologies; we create spaces of participation, innovation, progress and transformation. We are guided by solid values and balance the strategic view and effective performance by the internal and external alliances to build a true leadership culture in organisations.

In 2004, we created Augere Foundation, which was intended to drive research, development and innovation in the area of leadership and coaching to improve the quality of life of organisations from the humanistic viewpoint. Augere Foundation is a benchmark in training and development of leadership and coaching for managers, coaches and professionals interested in personal and professional development.

Augere creates, inspires and encourages the construction of communities in organisations and companies. We enhance a sustainable feeling of shared belonging that drives growth and fosters new futures for people, organisations and companies.

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