Building community

Generate long-term links with stakeholders

Building a community is to generate long-term links between the different stakeholders of a company, and we believe that all people can make valuable contributions to the organization in the key of Community Construction.

Human communities are structured around three expected outcomes: Fidelity, Knowledge and Prescription.

According to our research, in a successful community:

  • People maintain a high degree of Fidelity, since they only consider their community as the only place where they can meet their needs.
  • People constantly prescribe to their community: whenever they perceive in their environment that another person feels the need covered by their community, they do so spontaneously.
  • People give their knowledge to the community, without restrictions, to help the community to better meet their needs.

The observation is conclusive: the development of the sense of belonging, an intangible element of the community, facilitates the natural appearance of key elements for the sustainability of the same, which are identical to those that also need a business organization. Building Community brings value, it is an attitude and it is possible.

Organizational Alignment

Build a culture of leadership and coaching in your organization

The continuous change and the uncertain environment require our organizations to have an agile structure at all times in the face of business challenges and aligned with the company’s strategy. Augere’s consulting processes contribute to audit the key areas of the company and to develop the necessary focus to effectively pass from vision to action, through alignment with the strategy of:

  • The people and the teams.
  • The organizational structure
  • The systems of direction.
  • The management policies of the people of the company.
  • The systems that allow measuring the contribution of value of people to the business.

All in order to:

  • Set up the organization to successfully meet the challenges of the present and the future.
  • Align the forces of the organization with the defined strategies.
  • Activate the hidden potentials of the company.
  • Get extraordinary results.

Build a culture of leadership and coaching in your organization

It is essential, at present, to promote in the world of the company a new leadership that inspires and generates confidence in the whole of the organization, which makes its leaders emerge at all levels of the same and that creates an atmosphere of closeness where flow creativity and initiative. A leadership based on a common purpose that aligns and tunes the entire organization in the same direction.

Leadership is the key factor highlighted by the most prestigious and internationally successful companies, having a significant impact on:

  • Give meaning to what the company, its people and teams do.
  • Create trust for people to contribute their talent.
  • Develop a sense of camaraderie that allows the teams to be aligned and cohesive.
  • Give security so that the people of the organization stay focused on the challenges they have to face.
  • Generate enthusiasm and passion for the company’s project.
  • Get results, not only in the long term, but also in the short, and reward for it.

What does Augere offer you as a team?

Today we can not fail to recognize the crucial role that, beyond individual leadership, the management teams and collaborators have in the success of their companies.

The alignment of a team implies that it shares a common culture giving coherence to its performance and providing a unique impact that serves as an inspiring model for the whole organization.

That is why beyond convincing employees from the logic of the business, based on the systematic cascading decline of the company’s objectives, managers need to excite from the excitement, building quality relational links and long-term vision , based on respect for the uniqueness of each one, to facilitate the explosion of talent in all corners of the organization and their commitment to the company’s business.

What does Augere offer you on a personal level?

Augere can accompany you in your development at an individual level, providing you with programs in which you develop your leadership and coaching skills, as well as coaching services to achieve new and more ambitious goals in your personal and professional life.

Develop personal leadership

Through our programs and 360º assessment tools, we help you to become more aware of the values ​​and beliefs that support your behavior patterns and strengthen your leadership to effectively lead other people, and accompany them in their personal and professional development. that assume responsibility and achieve results.

Benefits of coaching for individuals

  • Fixing personal balance by reorganizing, planning and prioritizing your internal motivations with rigorous certified and internationally endorsed programs.
  • Active listening
  • Emotional self-management, self-motivation, ability to take on challenges
  • Discover yourself through the technique of the mirror (strengths and weaknesses to enhance)
  • Refocusing priorities

What does “Augere” mean?

Etymology of the word “augere”

AUGERE comes from Latin and literally means “to increase” but it has a wealth of synonyms: to make grow, to take form, to develop… Growing more in the sense of internal movement, of development or own growth than a mechanical force or external action. Growing as developing a possibility that was already contained or inherent.

The Latin root AUC- comes from a wide semantic field. It can be very interesting to relate some of its derivatives.

AUTOR (from “auctor”)

Creator. He who executes, invents or is capable of making something from nothing.

AUTORITAS (from “auctoritas, atis”)

The word “authority” in its original form had a much richer meaning than now. To understand it, it is necessary to remember which concept of authority the Romans had and to pass it to another word such as power (potestas, atis). Let’s see.

The Roman “auctoritas” is not the simple condition of commanding power, it has more to do with the recognition of an ability. It is related with the capacity to make oneself respected and recognition by others, while the potestas or power is associated with an imposed exercise, force or control. Although the first gives social body and involves a recognition, the second is clearly imposing.

  • Auctoritas: nature, own condition. A power that emanates from oneself and which others recognise.
  • Potestas: strength, action. External power. An imposition that others suffer.

These are two different concepts on power that give rise to different conceptions of management or two different relational models. The first would have more to do with one’s own skills, psychology and motivation that one is capable of activating in others. In a word, with the leadership or the capacity to create favourable environments. Dialogue as opposed to order. Communication over imposition. Team creation instead of imposing on the basis of an organisation. Convincing over defeating. Community over force. “Auctoritas” over “potestas”.

Why do they choose us?

Augere gives its customers services that integrate components to offer them a personalised solution in coaching, the development of a culture of business and people leadership and consultancy.

  • Aligned with the leadership model of the customers to give coherence to the business strategy, management development and needs for personal balance at times of change.
  • Preparing a curricular design that enables them to integrate different levels of understanding, intervention and impact in transformation processes: personal leadership, coaching of others, creation of an organisational leadership culture and the construction of a community based on the loyalty of its members.
  • Developing a structure of programs with a before and after each development, to enable experimentation of the development process in all its dimensions.
  • Taking on an international team of consultants, trainers and coaches with great experience in business, leadership development and coaching and handling processes of cultural and organizational transformation. This team works in line, shares the same basic training, the same language and the same methodologies.
  • Assessing the return on investment of programs basing it on five levels: participant satisfaction, learning achieved, application in professional effort in the workplace, impact on business and ROI.
  • Developing a coherent, integrated image of all of the actions of the programs and the internal communication necessary for motivating, creating the mental state necessary for participation and generating a lasting impact.
  • Focusing all of your interventions on a transcendent objective of building a community around the company to which people wish to belong and in which they wish to remain.

Augere’s Team

We are consultants, executive coaches and team coaches who provide internal conversation.

Augere’s team of coaches and consultants is made up of more than 200 professionals from around the world, with a solid background and great experience, trained in Co-Active Coaching™ and in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching.

They are trained in Team Coaching and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, ORSC, as a result of our agreement with the Centre for Right Relationship, CRR Global from the United States. This program is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), as Continuous Coaching Training.

These have also been certified by the ICF in the most effective executive coaching methodologies created by the Coaches Training Institute® (CTI), the pioneering coaching training and research school in the United States and the first certified by the ICF, and which have been experimented for more than a decade in different countries of the world.

For all of this, the Augere team works in line, using the same methodologies and handling the same language, which for customers is a guarantee of homogeneity, quality and success.

Working in Augere

We believe our customers are as important to us as the people who make up Augere. We are therefore constantly seeking and developing the values and skills that our customers expect of us.

We are constantly bringing the best people and the best professionals from around the world into our team, who complement and extend our team’s capacities in the three Augere business areas:

  • Executive and team coaching under the parameters developed in the ORSC program.
  • Training and development of a leadership culture in organisations.
  • People and business consultancy.

We seek innovative, committed people who wish to keep the long-term bond and mark the difference in what they do. If you have these qualities and want to form part of the Augere team, send your professional background to the following address:

Augere Presentation

We have accompanied leaders aspiring to create organisations to which people wish to belong and in which they wish to remain since 2001. We line up people’s talent and contribution with each company’s strategy, integrating solutions for our customers through coaching, leadership and consultancy services. We offer value results: we inspire the growth of individuals, teams, organisations and communities.

We are a team of over 200 internationally certified, widely experienced leaders and experts. We have an open, global vocation and are aligned in language and methodologies; we create spaces of participation, innovation, progress and transformation. We are guided by solid values and balance the strategic view and effective performance by the internal and external alliances to build a true leadership culture in organisations.

In 2004, we created Augere Foundation, which was intended to drive research, development and innovation in the area of leadership and coaching to improve the quality of life of organisations from the humanistic viewpoint. Augere Foundation is a benchmark in training and development of leadership and coaching for managers, coaches and professionals interested in personal and professional development.

Augere creates, inspires and encourages the construction of communities in organisations and companies. We enhance a sustainable feeling of shared belonging that drives growth and fosters new futures for people, organisations and companies.

Where does Augere Work?

Every day more globalization leads us to respond to the needs of our customers and to accompany them wherever they are. “Think global and act local”, in terms of strategy, or “as equal as possible and as different as necessary”, in terms of corporate culture, are expressions that continuously inspire our interventions, especially with multinational companies. For this reason, Augere develops global projects intervening in different countries, both with local and international consultants and in multiple languages.