Fostering & Profiting from Intrapreneurship

In the fall of 2017, a group of thought leaders announced «The End of the Startup Era», and yet affirmed that the exponential trend of disruption and innovation would continue. Why? Corporates are finally learning to be ambidextrous, capable of executing an existing business model and creating new ones in parallel. How? There are many ways in which corporates are achieving this, but one gaining huge traction is Intrapreneurship, leveraging insider knowledge, expertise, connections and resources to generate a series of benefits that range from PR to new businesses impacting the bottom line. In this panel discussion, you will discover tricks, secrets and challenges of Intrapreneurship. This panel will detail the experiences of corporates who have been there before.

Mario Aquino: Managing Partner, FutureLabs Ventures
Martin Frick: COO, Generali
Ricardo Castrillo: Special Care & CHC Business Director, Chiesi

Albert C. Mikkelsen: Founding Partner, First Programs