Case Study – Transforming the culture of the organization

Delphi Powertrain Division Case Study

Delphi Powertrain Division is implementing a new business culture throughout all the organization and has requested Augere to design and execute the process of transforming the culture of the organization. This case study shows the process jointly agreed between Delphi and Augere to transform Delphi’s culture and describes the methodology that is being followed to achieve an ambitious goal of deep transformation.

Given the ferocious competitive environment of the automotive industry, Delphi needs to move quickly from a traditional directive management style to an open environment, where leaders teach and coach other future leaders and participate in the definition and deployment of the new business strategy. This move requires leaders to develop a new set of skills and competencies.

This document provides a clear view of the whole process and describes in detail how to convert desired competencies into observable behaviors and how to train managers and leaders to develop those competencies.


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