Why do they choose us?

Augere gives its customers services that integrate components to offer them a personalised solution in coaching, the development of a culture of business and people leadership and consultancy.

  • Aligned with the leadership model of the customers to give coherence to the business strategy, management development and needs for personal balance at times of change.
  • Preparing a curricular design that enables them to integrate different levels of understanding, intervention and impact in transformation processes: personal leadership, coaching of others, creation of an organisational leadership culture and the construction of a community based on the loyalty of its members.
  • Developing a structure of programs with a before and after each development, to enable experimentation of the development process in all its dimensions.
  • Taking on an international team of consultants, trainers and coaches with great experience in business, leadership development and coaching and handling processes of cultural and organizational transformation. This team works in line, shares the same basic training, the same language and the same methodologies.
  • Assessing the return on investment of programs basing it on five levels: participant satisfaction, learning achieved, application in professional effort in the workplace, impact on business and ROI.
  • Developing a coherent, integrated image of all of the actions of the programs and the internal communication necessary for motivating, creating the mental state necessary for participation and generating a lasting impact.
  • Focusing all of your interventions on a transcendent objective of building a community around the company to which people wish to belong and in which they wish to remain.

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