What does “Augere” mean?

Etymology of the word “augere”

AUGERE comes from Latin and literally means “to increase” but it has a wealth of synonyms: to make grow, to take form, to develop… Growing more in the sense of internal movement, of development or own growth than a mechanical force or external action. Growing as developing a possibility that was already contained or inherent.

The Latin root AUC- comes from a wide semantic field. It can be very interesting to relate some of its derivatives.

AUTOR (from “auctor”)

Creator. He who executes, invents or is capable of making something from nothing.

AUTORITAS (from “auctoritas, atis”)

The word “authority” in its original form had a much richer meaning than now. To understand it, it is necessary to remember which concept of authority the Romans had and to pass it to another word such as power (potestas, atis). Let’s see.

The Roman “auctoritas” is not the simple condition of commanding power, it has more to do with the recognition of an ability. It is related with the capacity to make oneself respected and recognition by others, while the potestas or power is associated with an imposed exercise, force or control. Although the first gives social body and involves a recognition, the second is clearly imposing.

  • Auctoritas: nature, own condition. A power that emanates from oneself and which others recognise.
  • Potestas: strength, action. External power. An imposition that others suffer.

These are two different concepts on power that give rise to different conceptions of management or two different relational models. The first would have more to do with one’s own skills, psychology and motivation that one is capable of activating in others. In a word, with the leadership or the capacity to create favourable environments. Dialogue as opposed to order. Communication over imposition. Team creation instead of imposing on the basis of an organisation. Convincing over defeating. Community over force. “Auctoritas” over “potestas”.

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