Building community

Generate long-term links with stakeholders

Building a community is to generate long-term links between the different stakeholders of a company, and we believe that all people can make valuable contributions to the organization in the key of Community Construction.

Human communities are structured around three expected outcomes: Fidelity, Knowledge and Prescription.

According to our research, in a successful community:

  • People maintain a high degree of Fidelity, since they only consider their community as the only place where they can meet their needs.
  • People constantly prescribe to their community: whenever they perceive in their environment that another person feels the need covered by their community, they do so spontaneously.
  • People give their knowledge to the community, without restrictions, to help the community to better meet their needs.

The observation is conclusive: the development of the sense of belonging, an intangible element of the community, facilitates the natural appearance of key elements for the sustainability of the same, which are identical to those that also need a business organization. Building Community brings value, it is an attitude and it is possible.

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