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There are no leaders today who do not recognise the crucial role that their management teams and collaborators play in the success of their companies.  If in times of crisis it is fundamental to have strong individual leadership that inspires and produces confidence throughout the organisation, transferring leadership to the team of people that formed part of it, beginning with the management team in itself, is vital for encouraging effective action to line up the whole organisation in the same direction and on the same target and to establish the basis of a true culture of leadership.

This is why, beyond convincing our collaborators from business logic based on the systematic cascade of a company's objectives, all managers need to motivate from emotion, giving sense to what the people in the company do.  There is only one way to do this, by creating alliances and quality relationships between the people in the organisation; alliances that contemplate the singularity of each one, their personal and professional expectations and their different talents, leaving them in the right place to give maximum value to the company.

Quality relationships, because only from individualisation, respect and recognition can people give their maximum creative potential and commitment.  It is on quality relationships where the task, the objectives and the results are achieved in time and form, with satisfaction and efficacy, with a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Augere provides you with services and programs aimed at building this leadership culture, taking the situation of the company and the results it seeks as the starting point. We accompany you in:

  • The development of your own leadership.
  • The development of your team’s leadership.
  • The development of the management skills in your organisation.
  • The design and introduction of succession, mentoring and career programs.
  • The evaluation of the profile of individual leadership and leadership culture in teams and organisations.
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