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Team Coaching

The individual coaching of the members of a team is traditionally focused on the personal and professional development of each of them. In this context, the target is to increase the team effort by increasing that of the individuals. The focus is therefore on the individual, and the team may or may not improve, and therefore maintain a greater or lower-level of alignment.

By contrast, team coaching and relational and organizational systems work on the relationship formed between the team members (which we call the third entity) and is based on the creativity and ability to solve problems of the team or organisation as a whole. In this sense, an aligned team will more easily find the solutions and actions it has to implement to confront a crisis situation more effectively, insofar as it is based on a strong relationship between its members in communication, confidence and collaboration which, in turn, will have a positive impact on the effort and results of the team itself.

Teams or systems coaching focus

Management team coaching requires focusing on the following objectives:

  • Analysing the construction of the team as such, for which we can also turn to some assessment tool to allow us to target it and represent it in graphic form.
  • Sharing the idea of team alignment around the same culture, giving coherence to its action and providing a single impact as a team by making it inspiring for the whole of the organisation.
  • Developing new strategies to resolve team contradictions, tensions and conflicts in a way that produces and builds solid alliances for the future.
  • As a team, defining a sense of focus and execution that enables the organisation to be accompanied in turbulent environments towards the few things that truly make a difference, and to carry them out brilliantly.

Benefits of team or systems coaching

Some of the benefits of team or systems coaching are the following:

  • The development of a powerful sense of team spirit that will improve an organisation's culture, involvement, productivity and ability to retain talent.
  • An increase in interdepartmental corporation by reducing "silos".
  • The empowerment of people to be naturally creative and capable of finding the solutions in themselves.
  • An increase in relationships and communication, minimising misunderstandings and mistrust.
  • The development of conflict resolution skills that will give a rapid solution to them and a greater focus on results.
  • An increase in appreciation and respect for the perspectives of each of the members of the team.
  • Stimulation of creativity in the team and the organisation.
  • The minimisation of the negative impact on the organizational change by enabling all of the voices in the system to be heard.
  • The revelation of the system to itself for self-regulation.
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