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Our background

2011 is an important year on our calendar, as we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. In these 10 years we have had the chance to share Augere’s view with different colleagues who now form part of our community.

Augere & Asociados
Augere & Asociados is founded

Augere & Asociados is constituted in June 2001.

Augere Foundation
We create Augere Foundation

We started Augere Foundation with a talk from Kjell Nordström, the joint author of the business best-seller "Funky Business" and "Karaoke Capitalism". With Augere Foundation, its Academic Committee and its Advisory Board were constituted. Activity started aimed at causing a responsible social impact in people and organisations by starting up several programs and management meetings that enabled experiences to be created and shared to turn organisations towards people and enhancing a better quality of life for them.

Augere establishes its partnership with CTI, the Coaches Training Institute.

Through the agreement with CTI, one of the pioneering organisations in the United States in coaching training and joint founder of the International Coach Federation, we launched the first Co-Active Coaching program in Spain. From 2004 to 2014 more than 1000 professionals, coaches and managers have been trained.

Grup Integral
Augere establishes its partnership with Integral for the development of Building Communities.

The integration of concepts developed in the book "Marketing para seres Humanos" (Marketing for Human Beings) by Marià Moreno and Mauricio Oppenheimer, and the methodologies of executive and systemic coaching for the development of organisations have enabled Building Communities, a consultancy that enables organisations to be accompanied in creating long-term bonds with their stakeholders in which the person is at the centre of the relationship.

CRR Global
Augere establishes its international partnership with CRR Global, the Centre for Right Relationship

CRR Global is one of the benchmark organisations in the world in developing methodologies aimed at building positive relationships in people and organisations. CRR Global is the creator of the ORSC, Organizational and Relationship System Coaching program that Augere carries out in Spain.

Building Communities Training
Augere and Integral constitute the Building Communities networking in Latinamerica

Formed by professionals and organisations from Mexico, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Chile and which agrees to work, disseminate and develop Building Communities in Latin America.

Inspirando Crecimineto
Augere starts its presence outside Spain in Mexico, Brazil, Holland, Italy and Portugal

The process begins to expand to other cities of the world.

Augere celebrates its 10th anniversary

We start 2011 with the satisfaction of having turned 10 with renewed energy and focused on continuing to innovate to satisfy the needs of our customers and creating new opportunities for the team of Augere partners and experts.

Augere starts its activity in France

Augere starts its activity in France, opening its office in Paris, in joint venture with FORSC, creating Augere France.

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