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Augere's Team

We are consultants, executive coaches and team coaches who provide internal conversation.

Augere’s team of coaches and consultants is made up of more than 200 professionals from around the world, with a solid background and great experience, trained in Co-Active Coaching™ and in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching.

They are trained in Team Coaching and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, ORSC, as a result of our agreement with the Centre for Right Relationship, CRR Global from the United States. This program is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), as Continuous Coaching Training.

These have also been certified by the ICF in the most effective executive coaching methodologies created by the Coaches Training Institute® (CTI), the pioneering coaching training and research school in the United States and the first certified by the ICF, and which have been experimented for more than a decade in different countries of the world.

For all of this, the Augere team works in line, using the same methodologies and handling the same language, which for customers is a guarantee of homogeneity, quality and success.

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